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We trust that you have enjoyed your stay at Bay-Side Apartment! To facilitate your departure please take note of the following:

Tidy but don’t clean the apartment. 

Cleaning will take place the day after your departure or on the morning of your departure if we are expecting other guests on the same day!

  1. Empty the contents of the dustbin located in the kitchen (in a plastic bag), Please place all full refuse bags into the big bins located at the entrance of the basement parking.
  2. Close all the windows. Draw all the curtains.
  3. Switch off the fridge.
  4. Ensure that all taps are closed.
  5. Check that all electrical appliances are switched off.
  6. Turn the geyser and stove off at the distribution board.
  7. Check that all external doors are locked.
  8. NOTE! Please close and latch the patio windows. Also, close all the blinds in the apartment as well as the curtains.


Please place the keys in the post box marked "# 14 Bay-Side" on the ground floor foyer.

Procedure for Key Drop:

  • First, remove your car from the parking bay then place the keys in the post box.
  • Caution ⚠️ the front door opens from the inside without a key or remote but once you have dropped keys and proceeded through the front door you cannot re-enter from the outside.
  • So, please remember to check that no belongings have been left in the apartment.

Please drive safely!

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