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Park in Parking Bay number 14.

Please open the large black gate with the remote provided and proceed to Parking Bay no.14 - this is for Bay-Side Apartment = Unit 14. It is the furthest bay on the left.

No other parking bay may be used, additional visitors must use Visitor Parking provided on the outside!

You will be met by Maryna, our arrival host. She will make your initial arrival much easier because she will show you the parking, apartment location and other practicalities. However, for your information, this is what needs to be done!

Motion sensor lights will come on making visibility easy.

Proceed through the door that leads into the building. Take the first left to the elevators and stairs.

Proceed to level 2 (top floor).

Exit left out of the elevator turn left down the passage and then right at the end of the passage to get to the apartment.

Use the small key to open the security gate.

Unlock the Entrance door, open and enter. (You may need a flashlight if it is dark).

Switch on the fridge at the wall.

Switch on the geyser and stove at the distribution board.

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